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The Internal Jukebox has gone mad

I guess God heard me when I said I needed to reprogram my brain for something other than the two pieces we are singing in Sunday’s concert [see the note at the end of “A Rant…” below].  And God has … Continue reading

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Birthday Remembrance for Ed

Birthday Remembrance for Ed Birthday remembrance. Stories still told with much love. His legend lives on. Gentle to the meek. Children have no fear of him. Climbing toy, he is. Beware abuser. His vengeance like blue lightning shall end their … Continue reading

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A Rant about Grammar and Punctuation

Is proper writing becoming a lost art?  Are the heavy hands of journalism so infecting our system that things that used to be “required” in typewritten documents became “optional” to the detriment of sentence clarity?  I will give examples, but … Continue reading

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Fighting City Hall

I have a friend who is literally fighting city hall on behalf of many who are being abused by the code compliance department.  He’s also trying to get the city to follow their own rules and state law with respect … Continue reading

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Birthday Remembrance for Ed

I wrote a poem for Ed’s birthday.  Turns out the “out of the box” doesn’t handle poetry well and I don’t have time to figure out how to get it to look right.  He’d have had it posted in time … Continue reading

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Will anyone want to listen?

I’ve felt the need for more space to express myself than I feel Facebook or e-mail affords me.  For some time now I’ve wanted a place to post my opinions on “stuff.”  Now I have one.  I don’t know if … Continue reading

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