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Atheist converts to Catholicism

I leave you this article about an atheist converting to Catholicism with no comment.  You are free to make up your own mind about its meaning. Internal jukebox: soundtrack music from The Glades, which I was just watching.

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Ignorance can be deadly – Highway edition

While the majority of commercial drivers are safe drivers, an alarming percentage stopped in a recent inspection effort by the TXDPS yielded what I consider to be alarming results. Below please find the results of the most recent Roadcheck inspection … Continue reading

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Bad Facebook!

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook changed all default e-mail addresses over the weekend to @facebook .com addresses.  You will need to go to your profile to change it back. This was particularly annoying to me since I prefer to … Continue reading

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“John Carter”

Went to see John Carter last night. I had a friend try to talk me out of it because of its poor box office, but I had a wonderful time. Granted, I am a relatively easy to please and entertain … Continue reading

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Inciting Violence, Part 2

It was a radio personality this time.  He wanted to stop a bus full of nuns and pistol whip them for making a comment with which he disagreed.  He has since, according to his website, apologized to the nuns.  I … Continue reading

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Dreams are so ephemeral

I had an interesting story idea in a dream.  Something about crossing defect testing with vacation Bible school at my church.  But I couldn’t find my pencil on my headboard and by the time I got a pen out of … Continue reading

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Some “comedy” is not funny

The 24/7 Comedy Radio Station came to town last fall.  I listen to it pretty exclusively in the car when I’m in town (the signal is too weak to receive far out of town).  What I’ve discovered is that what … Continue reading

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My cousin is on the front page of Forbes magazine!

He’s written an article titled Microsoft Win8 Tablet Is NOT a Game Changer.  The article explains that it was never meant to be, what a game changer is, and gives a pretty interesting discussion on the history of game-changing innovation … Continue reading

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If you don’t believe in the “War on Women,” don’t read this.

I came across this wonderful YouTube post today.    There is nothing unsafe about the visual.  However, it is NOT work safe in the audio.  As an additional warning, I was totally unable to watch it without letting out a loud … Continue reading

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Daniel in Captivity

It’s been a busy week.  I’ve been a “tribe leader” at Vacation Bible School.  It’s been a lot of fun and a lot of work.  I’m quite tired and the songs we’ve been teaching the children are going through my … Continue reading

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