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Out of the Depths

I was getting ready for bed.  Suddenly, cheesy 1960s music popped into my head.  I paid attention for a minute.  Oh, my!  It’s the theme song from The Munsters. I haven’t even thought of that show in years.  Where did … Continue reading

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Validating the hero, not the evil doer

I came across a lovely article describing three victims of the Colorado shooting. It gave their names and not the name of the shooter. The author pointed out that in all mass slayings, it was the name of the murderer, … Continue reading

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A matter of priorities

[This article discusses abortion issues. If this offends you, please skip this one.] In the Dominican Republic, there is a 16-year-old girl dying of acute leukemia. She has become the center of a horrible controversy. The doctors want to treat … Continue reading

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Spam can be amusing

I was much amused by this message I found in the Spam box this morning. The e-mail address and URL definitely marked it as spam. Fortunately, the book I read on setting up my site (referenced in a comment elsewhere … Continue reading

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What is funny?

Humor is different for everyone. It depends on your background, your education, and your tolerance. Some people like fart and poo jokes. According to a comedian I heard on our local 24/7 Comedy Radio Station, it’s most men and not … Continue reading

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How many traffic fatalities does it take…

When I worked at Samsung as a contractor, there was no stoplight at the entrance. Turning left into or off of the campus from Parmer Lane, a 4-lane, 55-mph stretch of road was a hair-raising daily experience for most of … Continue reading

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It pays to be nice

I stopped at the Sonic on my way home from the vet this morning to pick up some lunch. I pressed the button and waited. After a while, I wondered if perhaps I hadn’t pressed it hard enough and pressed … Continue reading

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Grace under fire

Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist Connie Schultz is a nice lady. Even to someone who might not deserve it. I hope you get as big a laugh from the article as I did. Thanks to Ms Wanda, the Austin Hat Lady, … Continue reading

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God has many faces

God has many faces. That is my belief. While I call myself Christian, and choose to worship God through that framework, I believe my friends of other faiths are worshiping the same God. If you’ve never had the chance to … Continue reading

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Pain is a pain. Or is it?

I’ve been having a pain in my back. It’s a new pain and pain relievers aren’t touching it. I get new pains checked out if they don’t go away in a reasonable amount of time and I can’t explain them … Continue reading

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