Happy Update: I’ve been a bit busy

Monday night, when I came home from work, Aine met me at the door to the garage, calling for me. It’s a usual occurrence that hadn’t happened for the last two weeks. I was ecstatically happy. More so when she immediately started eating her dinner. Still not eating much, but I didn’t have to persuade her.

Yesterday morning she went straight for the food, too. Yay!

My vet followed up on the lab report for Catriona. Her kidneys are indeed starting to show signs of deficiency, with the BUN and creatinine numbers being somewhat elevated. Her phosphorus levels are normal, though, which is a very good sign. And she’s sucking down the water, which is also good.

I wish Aine was drinking more. She’s still looking a little dehydrated. I might give her more sub-Q fluids tonight if the skin pinch test hasn’t improved since this morning. But she met me when I got home last night and ate, which made me happy. This morning, I had to fetch her to her breakfast, but when she was in front of it, she enjoyed it.

They told me the thyroid meds might take a couple of weeks to kick in, and they have. Unfortunately, I think she’s still shedding weight, and that’s not good. She’s eating, but she’s not eating enough.

Meanwhile, work is going well. I’m enjoying the month of no rehearsals which gives me more time at home. Aine and I spent a lot of snuggle time in front of the TV last night. She loves sitting in laps. Catriona likes snuggling in bed, so we get our time in then.

If you know my sister, her 29 to the Nth birthday is tomorrow. Drop her a line. She’s looking fabulous, as always!

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