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Jasmine Chocolate

I copied the recipe for Jasmine Chocolate from the Discovery Channel website many years ago, though the link is broken now. But I wanted to give credit where credit is due. I quote the entire article below. I would absolutely … Continue reading

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When women are blamed for being attacked.

I came across an article in CNN. A social media post was released by the Shanghai, China, metro showing a scantily-clad woman saying that women dressed this way invite sexual harassment and should expect it. The warning came after there … Continue reading

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What do you do when there are no services available?

A mother in Illinois has abandoned her adult daughter because she could no longer care for her. From the account, the daughter has severe mental deficits and is unable to care for herself. In a former time, she probably would … Continue reading

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Happy Update: I’ve been a bit busy

Monday night, when I came home from work, Aine met me at the door to the garage, calling for me. It’s a usual occurrence that hadn’t happened for the last two weeks. I was ecstatically happy. More so when she … Continue reading

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Blood donation

I am a regular blood donor. So are many of my friends. I was taken from the registry for several years in the 1990s because I developed Graves disease, an immune function disorder that affects the thyroid. No one knows … Continue reading

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I had a dream…

…and I had put pencil and paper next to the bed so I got it recorded this time.  It was more coherent than some. I was driving somewhere, changing lanes right (one lane at a time) to make a turn, … Continue reading

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Frivolous lawsuits cost us all

“In 1992, a seventy-nine year old Albuquerque woman (Stella Liebeck) bought a coffee from a McDonald’s drive through. Her grandson was driving and he parked the car so she could add cream and sugar to the drink. She put the … Continue reading

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The consequences of your actions

A Florida lifeguard was fired from his job for saving a drowning man . Sounds like a joke or a mistake or a corporate horribleness. The truth is that it was the consequence of his action. His job was to … Continue reading

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Ruminations on the voting franchise

I was watching 1776 yesterday with friends, a fun thing to do on the 4th of July. I was reminded that some of our founding fathers had wanted to right to vote to belong only to those who owned land. … Continue reading

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Destroying another religion’s sacred relics

Every religion has done it. Except maybe the Romans who just incorporated every god they came across into their own pantheon. They even had a shrine to the “unknown god” which was an empty niche. The Christians were not originally … Continue reading

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