Here I am!

Apologies for the absence. I had a back issue come up, work went on overdrive, Aine’s taking more personal time, and I’ve been short on energy. It all hit at the same time. It meant less time home because of work and physical therapy in the pool. It meant home time wasn’t being spent on the computer often.

Long story short [Too late!], it means if you need to get hold of me, use the phone to call or text me. I’m not keeping up with my e-mail and things I wanted to see have gotten buried.

Good news is, the back is some better, though I’m continuing to get in the pool as often as time allows. Work is still very busy, but I love it so much, it’s not a burden usually. Rehearsals have started back up for the church choir and Chorus Austin’s Austin Civic Chorus, which means less time at home, but the music is SO awesome and just makes my soul fly.

Aine is much stronger. The last few days were a bit of a freak out as I thought she’d stopped eating again. Food was being left on her plate. I was truly getting worried until last night. I had set her next to her food plate as usual at my bedtime. She turned up her nose at it and walked over to the dry food bowl and started noshing on it. Mystery solved! She’s not eating all the wet food because she’s filling up with the dry food. The dry food is only 50% prescription at present as I’m weaning her sister from one to the other, but they’ve both shown they’ll eat the KD, so I’m not worried. I’m just using up the last of the other cat food and taking the transition slowly.

Internal Jukebox:  Mad for My King

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I am a woman of strong opinion. You can listen or not, but I expect everyone to play nice and respect everyone else's right to have their own opinions. I was never much of a diarist, and I plan for this to be less about my life and more about my observations and information sharing. So let's not call this a "blog," which is a word I find a bit repellent.
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