48-Hour Film Project

The 48-Hour Film Project is this weekend in Austin. I’m going to be assisting in an administrative capacity on my friend, Karen Cupp’s, team. I’ll be handling paperwork, making sure all releases have been signed, confirming all rules of the Project have been met so the team’s film can be entered for judging. Basically, QA. The team finds out at 7:00 p.m. tonight the final four details that will be part of their film (genre, character, prop, and a line of dialogue). Then they have 48 hours to write, set up, film, edit, and turn in their completed entry by 7:00 p.m. on Sunday night.

The website says 600 filmmakers are going to be active around town. There may be some odd goings on to be seen. If you want more info on the Project, go to http://www.48hourfilm.com/.

The unfortunate thing is I will be unavailable to go to the awards showing. It’s on a Monday night, directly across from an ACC rehearsal. Bummer. I was free last year, I think it was held on a different night of the week, and I had a ball.

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