And the gods of chaos strike again

It was a completely fluke accident, but it’s left me with a torn left calf muscle. I’ll be wearing a boot for at least 4 weeks.

It was a chore I do almost every night, leaning over my bed to turn on the light on my headboard. While the foot was flexed, the doctor says I must have twisted. He said it wouldn’t take much and I might not even notice doing it.

Fortunately, it doesn’t hurt while in the boot. Unfortunately, I don’t own any shoes as tall as the boot, so I’m walking with a short leg. My back is not happy. I’m tempted to go buy some of those stupid platform thong sandals to even things up.

Instructions from the ER doc were “walking as tolerated.” I’m using a cane outside the house for balance, but I’m not having any problems inside. Except that my stride is much shorter.

Pray for a quick and complete recovery. I’ll pray that the gods of chaos get lost on their way to do you mischief.

Internal Jukebox: Rise Up, O King Eternal

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