I have good friends!

I’m getting around much better. Part of that is due to my good friend, Star, who has loaned me her car, which has an automatic transmission. We’ve swapped for the duration of my injury, since the boot on the left foot and a manual transmission with clutch are pretty much contraindicated. Today, I made it into the office for the first time since I got injured. I’ve been working from home.

I’ve been in no pain, which is a blessing. I am very careful not to take that for granted, since it didn’t really hurt the night I got injured, except when I tried to walk or when the medical professionals poked at it. I wear the boot most of the time, taking it off to ice the leg and for a couple of hours at night to let the leg (and boot) air out and let me sleep better.

I’ve stopped using the cane. I’ve gotten used to my balance, especially since I got the new shoe(s) that matches the boot in height, making walking a much more even proposition. Thanks to a saleslady at DSW, I now have a glitzy thong sandal that has a sole exactly the right thickness, at the ball of the foot and at the heel, to wear with the boot.

Glitzy Sandal

I get tired easily. No surprise there; healing is hard work. Walking in the boot is no picnic either. I wonder how much it weighs? That leg is going to be stronger for carrying the weight. I’m walking a lot more naturally in it, but the stride is still short and I’m slow because of it. My back is not happy, though a lot happier since I got the new shoe.

Back to the friends. Star is also the one who picked me up from the ER on Sunday and got me home. She took me to church later that morning and to lunch on Monday (when we also bought the shoes) and so many other things. Wanda helped with driving, too, and checked in to make sure I didn’t need things. Dev, a coworker, made sure I didn’t need help.

My mother once said, “Susan, you might not have much money, but you are so rich in friends!” She is so right.

Internal jukebox: I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

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