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What color is a mirror?

What color is a mirror? It’s a very interesting little educational article I found by accident on YouTube. I disbelieve their assertion about “green” for mirrors, feeling it to be caused by the composition of the glass made to make … Continue reading

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Emergency Contraception after Rape should be a Right for All Women

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Richard Mourdock stated the opinion that women who were impregnated by rape must carry their children because he believes all life is sacred, but he’s only looking at the life of the child and not the … Continue reading

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PBS is not a bargaining chip

The more I think about Governor Romney’s comments about cancelling funding for PBS, the more angry I get.  He makes it sound as if so much money will be saved, as if it will go so far to balance to … Continue reading

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Separation of Church and State

Just a couple of quick opinions here. If you accept governmental funds, you are subject to governmental oversight and rules. No exceptions. This goes for parochial schools and religious-run businesses and hospitals. If you are a house of religion and … Continue reading

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Promising one thing during the campaign, but doing the opposite after election

I found an article talking about Mitt Romney performing seriously extreme acts in the name of his faith. Later he made serious promises when on the campaign trail for Governor, but completely reversed those stances after election, even cutting short … Continue reading

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Remembering Veterans

I try to make it a habit on Veterans Day and Memorial Day to watch movies or go to monuments that will help me remember those who have died in the service of our country.  One year I saw Saving … Continue reading

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Just for something lighthearted

Bohemian Rhapsody – the Polka. Thank you, Weird Al.

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Accusing the victim: international version

I don’t think the police expected her to file a complaint, but after she was raped by two policemen in her car in Tunis, while a third policeman dragged her fiance to an ATM to extort money from them, the … Continue reading

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It makes my soul soar!

Chorus Austin’s Austin Civic Chorus is working on Sergei Rachmaninoff’s All-Night Vigil. We will be performing it twice, on October 20 at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church at 8 p.m. and on October 21st at St. Martin’s Evangelical Lutheran Church at 4 … Continue reading

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Are you registered to vote? Are you sure?

Thanks to our lovely friends at the World’s Most Dangerous Beauty Parlor, we have knowledge of the website where one can check to see if you are registered to vote in Texas.  Since voter rolls are purged all the time … Continue reading

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