Accusing the victim: international version

I don’t think the police expected her to file a complaint, but after she was raped by two policemen in her car in Tunis, while a third policeman dragged her fiance to an ATM to extort money from them, the young woman did exactly that.  She did what so many women don’t do and reported the rape and extortion to authorities.

Once that became part of the public record, the police countered with a public indecency charge against her and her fiance saying they’d been found in an “immoral position,” though the police have refused to define what that means.  Maybe because she was being raped?  It’s been escalated to “intentional indecent behavior” which can carry a 6 month prison sentence in that country.

The people are not happy and they are protesting.  Meanwhile, many are fearful that further violence against women will go unreported because of the legal attack against this victim. See more on this story here.

Internal jukebox: Church anthem that mentions a mustard seed growing into a tree. Can’t remember the title.

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