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“apology to the native peoples of the united states”

In 2009, the Congress of the United States passed a bill in which was included an official apology to the native peoples of the United States. It was buried on page 45 of the “Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2010” … Continue reading

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Driving while impaired may not mean driving while intoxicated

As always during our holiday seasons, law enforcement at all levels will be out trying to keep the highways safe for travellers. Below I will be copying the press release from my agency. There was an interesting article on KVUE … Continue reading

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Text-to-911 to be available nationwide soon

The FCC held hearings on the possibility of a Text-to-911. The four major wireless carriers made an agreement among them to implement Text-to-911 as quickly as possible, but no later than May 15, 2014. The carriers also agreed to implement … Continue reading

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Doing what we can

I’ve been blessed with hair that is thick and grows quickly (though not as thick or as quickly now that I’m older, it’s still better than average). Since I discovered Locks of Love, I donated my hair every 18 months … Continue reading

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Proud of my agency: the Interdiction for the Protection of Children program

These are the kinds of things my agency does with your tax dollars.  I am proud to work here. December 6, 2012                                     … Continue reading

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