Don’t pass the stopped schoolbus. It’s the law.

We recently had another criminal idiot pass a stopped school bus, this one doing it on the shoulder.  The mom pushed her child out of the way and got hit instead.  I’ve included the article on it below.  I was particularly taken by the last sentence, “It was not immediately clear what charges the driver will be facing.”  At minimum, there will be a ticket for passing a stopped school bus.  Were you aware that was the moving violation with the highest fine?  It can be up to $1000. [Source]  There are additional penalties possible.

I know it can be frustrating to be behind the school bus.  The one near where I lived with my former roommate literally took 5 minutes to load or unload.  Each parent took their kid on separately and came back off again.  It felt like it took forever.  I used to just turn my car off.  The good news is that there was only one stop as it was filling up at an apartment complex.  I always wondered why they couldn’t actually pull into the complex to load and unload so as to not block traffic.

But the law says wait and every year we have people who think they are above that law.  Children and their parents are injured and killed because there are people who think their lives are more important than those of the children getting on or off the bus.  Please be a good example to others and stop when the bus lights are flashing red and the stop sign is extended (if the bus has a sign).

Texas News
Mom jumps in front of car to save child at bus stop
by Jenny Suniga & KENS
Posted on February 1, 2013 at 4:38 PM

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas — A mother was taken to the hospital after pushing her child out of the way of a speeding vehicle at a bus stop in southeast Bexar County.

Bexar County sheriff’s deputies said the school bus was stopped and had its flashers activated in the 12700 block of Highway 181 on Friday morning.

The woman was helping her child onto the bus, deputies said, and saw the vehicle barreling down the road.

The vehicle tried to pass the bus on the right shoulder, deputies said, and would have hit the woman’s child if she hadn’t shoved the child out of the way.

The woman hit the vehicle’s windshield and was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center with a broken arm and possible head injuries, deputies said.

It was not immediately clear what charges the driver will be facing.

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