I’m back…maybe?

My body let me down and I wasn’t in the mood for being on the computer when I wasn’t at work. I’m better now and I’ll try to get posting again, though I’m out of the habit.

Since I last checked in I got a raise and a new nephew. I’ve made new friends and lost others to the old man with the sickle. I’m pretty much loving my life except for the standard cry of state employees (not enough money) and my back (still has room for improvement, but much better). Also there’s not enough time in the day to do everything I want to do and the stuff I need to do. Pretty much everyone’s problem on that last one.

Take care. God/Goddess/Allah/Krishna/the Universe (or whatever deity you follow) bless you and keep you healthy and safe.

About Susan

I am a woman of strong opinion. You can listen or not, but I expect everyone to play nice and respect everyone else's right to have their own opinions. I was never much of a diarist, and I plan for this to be less about my life and more about my observations and information sharing. So let's not call this a "blog," which is a word I find a bit repellent.
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