A little about me

Greetings and Felicitations!

I’m Susan Froebel.  Chemical Engineer by training, software QA tester by profession.  I currently work for the Great State of Texas at the Texas Department of Public Safety.  Anything said here is not to be construed as an official opinion from the “gov’mint.”

I work to support my music habit.  I currently sing in two choirs.  First is the choir at Memorial United Methodist Church.  Second is with Chorus Austin’s Austin Civic Chorus, of which I am also stage manager.

For fun I play games with friends and participate in medieval recreation with the Society for Creative Anachronism.  Actually, I have more interests than I have time to participate.

I’m not home much.

When I am, I spend my waking hours spoiling my furry roommates of 18 years, sisters Aine and Catriona.  They are the daughters of a feral cat who was living at the State Health Department and were “rescued” when they were 4 weeks old.  We adopted them when they were 4 months old and I’ve been loving on them ever since.

I’m fortunate to have family living nearby.  My parents are only an hour away and my sister and her family are only about 20 minutes away.

I started this page just as a place to voice opinions.  I hope you are entertained.  Feel free to comment, but play nice and respect others’ opinions.

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  1. Mary Saunders says:

    I visited your blog was nice reading will be back for more.

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