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Just for something lighthearted

Bohemian Rhapsody – the Polka. Thank you, Weird Al.

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Even spam can be entertaining

I always check my spam folder to be sure I’m not getting comments shunted there. Occasionally I come across something amusing. Here’s one I got in Latin: Morbi lectus quam pretium id varius nec feugiat. Donec arcu justo dictum ligula … Continue reading

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What is funny?

Humor is different for everyone. It depends on your background, your education, and your tolerance. Some people like fart and poo jokes. According to a comedian I heard on our local 24/7 Comedy Radio Station, it’s most men and not … Continue reading

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It pays to be nice

I stopped at the Sonic on my way home from the vet this morning to pick up some lunch. I pressed the button and waited. After a while, I wondered if perhaps I hadn’t pressed it hard enough and pressed … Continue reading

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Grace under fire

Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist Connie Schultz is a nice lady. Even to someone who might not deserve it. I hope you get as big a laugh from the article as I did. Thanks to Ms Wanda, the Austin Hat Lady, … Continue reading

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Some “comedy” is not funny

The 24/7 Comedy Radio Station came to town last fall.  I listen to it pretty exclusively in the car when I’m in town (the signal is too weak to receive far out of town).  What I’ve discovered is that what … Continue reading

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If you don’t believe in the “War on Women,” don’t read this.

I came across this wonderful YouTube post today.    There is nothing unsafe about the visual.  However, it is NOT work safe in the audio.  As an additional warning, I was totally unable to watch it without letting out a loud … Continue reading

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Lightning v. FSM

Here’s my wicked humor again. I was driving to church this morning and noticed the beautiful artwork on the tailgate of the black pickup truck ahead of me. It was a lot of spidery threads of silver lightning limned in … Continue reading

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Strange and Thoughtful Day

I was playing a computer game on Facebook, and the sidebar mentioned that today was a friend’s birthday. Knowing she was a twin, I expanded the pane to find all of today’s birthdays. One of them was a friend who … Continue reading

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God’s Humor

This was received in e-mail from the husband of my college roommate: While creating women, God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world.  And then He smiled and made the earth … Continue reading

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