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Driving while impaired may not mean driving while intoxicated

As always during our holiday seasons, law enforcement at all levels will be out trying to keep the highways safe for travellers. Below I will be copying the press release from my agency. There was an interesting article on KVUE … Continue reading

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Text-to-911 to be available nationwide soon

The FCC held hearings on the possibility of a Text-to-911. The four major wireless carriers made an agreement among them to implement Text-to-911 as quickly as possible, but no later than May 15, 2014. The carriers also agreed to implement … Continue reading

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How to block abortions without making them illegal

The state of Mississippi has only one abortion clinic. Just one. Lawmakers who want even that one closed may have found a way to do it. First, they passed a series of laws that were so difficult to comply with … Continue reading

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Fitness Assessments for Texas Students

I got an email from the American Heart Association (Austin chapter) today. They are concerned about the possible sunset of a law requiring a Fitnessgram Assessment of Texas students. It’s an annual physical fitness assessment. Individual results are private, but … Continue reading

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I’d love this for my next car

CNN wrote an interesting article on “new” battery technology known as “liquid metal battery.” I put “new” in quotes because, as with many discoveries, it has been in process for decades. But what I found most interesting was in the … Continue reading

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What color is a mirror?

What color is a mirror? It’s a very interesting little educational article I found by accident on YouTube. I disbelieve their assertion about “green” for mirrors, feeling it to be caused by the composition of the glass made to make … Continue reading

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I have good friends!

I’m getting around much better. Part of that is due to my good friend, Star, who has loaned me her car, which has an automatic transmission. We’ve swapped for the duration of my injury, since the boot on the left … Continue reading

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And the gods of chaos strike again

It was a completely fluke accident, but it’s left me with a torn left calf muscle. I’ll be wearing a boot for at least 4 weeks. It was a chore I do almost every night, leaning over my bed to … Continue reading

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Pain is a pain. Or is it?

I’ve been having a pain in my back. It’s a new pain and pain relievers aren’t touching it. I get new pains checked out if they don’t go away in a reasonable amount of time and I can’t explain them … Continue reading

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What do you do when there are no services available?

A mother in Illinois has abandoned her adult daughter because she could no longer care for her. From the account, the daughter has severe mental deficits and is unable to care for herself. In a former time, she probably would … Continue reading

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