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Happy Update: I’ve been a bit busy

Monday night, when I came home from work, Aine met me at the door to the garage, calling for me. It’s a usual occurrence that hadn’t happened for the last two weeks. I was ecstatically happy. More so when she … Continue reading

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Blood donation

I am a regular blood donor. So are many of my friends. I was taken from the registry for several years in the 1990s because I developed Graves disease, an immune function disorder that affects the thyroid. No one knows … Continue reading

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The consequences of your actions

A Florida lifeguard was fired from his job for saving a drowning man . Sounds like a joke or a mistake or a corporate horribleness. The truth is that it was the consequence of his action. His job was to … Continue reading

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Bad Facebook!

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook changed all default e-mail addresses over the weekend to @facebook .com addresses.  You will need to go to your profile to change it back. This was particularly annoying to me since I prefer to … Continue reading

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My cousin is on the front page of Forbes magazine!

He’s written an article titled Microsoft Win8 Tablet Is NOT a Game Changer.  The article explains that it was never meant to be, what a game changer is, and gives a pretty interesting discussion on the history of game-changing innovation … Continue reading

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Saffron v. Opium

I read an interesting article on CNN today. It’s a tiny important move for peace in Afghanistan in my opinion. It turns out that a crop of the saffron crocus brings a better profit than a crop of the opium … Continue reading

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Ignorance is Deadly

I almost killed my cat, Aine.  It wasn’t intentional.  She’s my snuggly lap cat.  But I almost did and it was ignorance that was the cause. About a year ago or a bit more, Aine started losing weight.  She’s 17, … Continue reading

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Do you believe in telepathy?

I do.  It’s strong in the women in my family and within some of my friends.  Mom says the entire time my sister and I were in college we always called her within 30 minutes of each other.  Since we … Continue reading

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I thought it was something blooming.  I’ve been coughing a lot for the last 24 hours and having a lot of trouble with burning eyes.  That’s usually a sign my allergies were acting up.  However, the amount of cottonwood and … Continue reading

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RIP Ray Bradbury

My 8th Grade math teach read the Martian Chronicles to us (yes, I said math; long story).  That was the start of my love of science fiction.  Having moved on to other authors, it’s been decades since I read his … Continue reading

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