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Simple Pleasures

I was watching TV when Aine let out a holler from the floor in front of my chair. I looked down and realized it was a hunting cry. The ring from a milk bottle was her intended target. I paused … Continue reading

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Happy Update: I’ve been a bit busy

Monday night, when I came home from work, Aine met me at the door to the garage, calling for me. It’s a usual occurrence that hadn’t happened for the last two weeks. I was ecstatically happy. More so when she … Continue reading

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I’ve been a bit busy

Between overtime at work and dealing with a sick kitty, I haven’t had much time to let the creative juices flow. Aine was ill enough late Thursday that it became apparent that she wouldn’t live until her appointment this Thursday … Continue reading

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Ignorance is Deadly

I almost killed my cat, Aine.  It wasn’t intentional.  She’s my snuggly lap cat.  But I almost did and it was ignorance that was the cause. About a year ago or a bit more, Aine started losing weight.  She’s 17, … Continue reading

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Ed and Aine

I think Ed was fond of all animals. They were unjudging and were usually quite attracted to him. One of the “Pros” listed about moving in as his roommate was “A roomie who does not mind living with animals since … Continue reading

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