Dreams are so ephemeral

I had an interesting story idea in a dream.  Something about crossing defect testing with vacation Bible school at my church.  But I couldn’t find my pencil on my headboard and by the time I got a pen out of my purse, all that was left was what I just told you.

That, and super-soakers that shot bubbles instead of water.  They had less thump behind them.  And Santa saying to someone (something?) small holding a kitten, “But I want them to be less powerful.”

I’ll have to track down one of my blank books and a writing implement and get them on the head of my bed (a pencil has already been moved there).  Obviously my new medicine is going to be creating some fun.

Internal jukebox:  Where Do I Go? (another VBS song, though I was actually singing a regular hymn earlier, YAY!)

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I am a woman of strong opinion. You can listen or not, but I expect everyone to play nice and respect everyone else's right to have their own opinions. I was never much of a diarist, and I plan for this to be less about my life and more about my observations and information sharing. So let's not call this a "blog," which is a word I find a bit repellent.
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