Promising one thing during the campaign, but doing the opposite after election

I found an article talking about Mitt Romney performing seriously extreme acts in the name of his faith. Later he made serious promises when on the campaign trail for Governor, but completely reversed those stances after election, even cutting short a vacation “in order to veto a bill requiring hospitals to give emergency contraception to rape victims.” He has extreme religious beliefs and anyone who doesn’t think he will try to use his influence to get those beliefs enacted into law is fooling themselves.

Here’s a copy of the article. Research it for yourself. If the facts are wrong, quote me sources and I’ll go do more investigating. I’d be delighted to be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

Please don’t think I am maligning Governor Romney for his faith. I am not. What he does with his faith on his own time is his own business. This country founded with a separation between church and state. When he goes to work, he needs to keep his faith out of the legislation.

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