Wireless proof of motor vehicle financial responsibility now legal in Texas

Thanks to someone’s rush of good sense, all those apps that the insurance companies have been offering for smart phones and tablets is now of use in traffic stops in Texas.  Senate Bill 181 was signed into law on May 24, effective immediately, making it legal for law enforcement to accept viewing an insurance card on a smart phone or a tablet.  It specifically states that it “does not constitute effective consent for a law enforcement officer, or any other person, to access the contents of the wireless communication device except to view the financial responsibility information.”

In a trial, or other legal proceeding, a paper copy may still be required in discovery, etc.  The wireless provider cannot be held liable if the motor vehicle operator can’t get the financial responsibility information to download.  [In other words, if possible, it’s still probably better to carry your paper insurance card.]

Here’s the link to the bill text.

I am unclear whether this law would allow you to use your app for proof of insurance when getting license plates or state inspection tags. That may be up to the jurisdiction involved.

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